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About IHS

Our vision is to provide comprehensive education and training to healthcare professionals, so that they achieve high levels of professional excellence in clinical practices.

To serve as a center of excellence in developing competent human resource for health and be at the fore front in carrying out the noble mission of achieving the health goals of national and international importance.


  1. Achieving the kind of excellence that is noted for its high quality and standards.
  2. Imparting the ethical values of the healthcare profession, stressing the dire need for morally sound and quality clinical practices.
  3. Nurturing honesty, integrity, accountability and flexibility in all our endeavors.
  4. Demonstrating the values of teamwork and creating a richly conducive working environment.
  5. Supporting commendable
  6. Creative acts and valuable innovations in all our preferred approaches.
  7. Developing worthy interdisciplinary, synergistic and collegial relationships.
  1. Analyzing dexterously the gaps in healthcare facilities and also those that are discerned in the provision of care by professionals through the research activities.
  2. Assessment of skill gap among healthcare professionals in various levels of healthcare delivery systems.
  3. Designing and developing elearning platform for nursing students and professional nurses to keep up-to date with nursing knowledge
  4. Designing appropriate curriculum and developing relevant capacity building modules (Instructional materials), adopting which the identified skill gaps can be successfully filled in.
  5. Establishment and operationalization of skill labs and simulation labs.
  6. Administering competency based training programs in the form of Simulations, which serve as an effective platform for highly realistic adjuncts to “Live” clinical experiences, without jeopardizing patients’ safety.
  7. Conducting clinical mentoring and hand holding support programs focusing on all levels of healthcare delivery system, thereby ensuring the offer of the best kind of clinical services.
  8. Having the capabilities to design the appropriate context based monitoring processes applying which healthcare projects can be evaluated precisely.
  9. Having the potential to assess the quality of the existing healthcare facility and to intervene by deploying suitable quality assurance programs to ensure the delivery of quality services.
  10. Conducting research related to the various fields of healthcare delivery system, which help us in creating evidences that serve as the basis for developing relevant interventions to introduce changes in future.
  11. Monitoring the ongoing projects on a real time basis by making use of the Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure the adherence to the timeline of deliverables.
  12. Having partnerships with National and International agencies of great repute to contribute considerably to the government in their endeavour to achieve the desired health outcomes.

About IHS E-Learning System

Impetus Healthcare Skills (IHS) E-learning platform provides best learning environment for professional nurses and nursing students to enhance their theoretical and skill based knowledge to excel in their clinical practice.

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Phone No: 044 2252 1577, 4280 0758
Mobile: +91 94452 56977, 94452 96977,
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Impetus HealthCare Skills Private Limited
1/23, Somasundaram Avenue,
Porur, Chennai - 600116
Tamil Nadu, India.


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