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Ongoing Projects

Mobile Nurse Training Program

We have partnered with CARE India and implemented MNTP (Mobile Nurse Training Program) in 5 districts (24 facilities) of Bihar to impart high quality skills to the nurses and support them in upgrading the quality of care in government healthcare delivery system through Mobile Nurse Trainer Team. The project was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The objectives of the program were;

•    Train selected nursing staff on specific obstetric and neonatal care skills in the LR, NBCC and OT

•    Deliver hands-on training and support facility staff in organization and maintenance of LR, NBCC, OT and maternity ward

•    Provide training in establishing and maintaining proper medical records

•    Conduct ongoing assessment and monitoring of specific skills of nursing staff

Outcome of the project

1.      The functionality of the labour room and NBCC have been improved to a greater extent in almost all the project facilities.

2.      Organization and maintenance of labour room and NBCC in all the facilities eased nurses in rendering essential maternal and newborn services effectively. 

3.      The mobile training has enhanced nurses’ level of knowledge and skills in delivering adept maternal and neonatal health services in public health facilities. Nurses developed competency in the core skills like conduction of deliveries, practice of AMTSL, immediate care of newborn and management of complications of mothers and newborns.                                                                                                                            

4.      Infection control measures such as handwashing, use of appropriate personal protective equipment, decontamination of instruments and use of autoclave for sterilization are being practiced regularly by nurses thereby the chances of spread of infection are controlled considerably.

5.      On the job training assisted nurses for safe delivery practices and identification and management of complications. This training program helped nurses to be confident in rendering care. 

6.      The introduction of documentation in the facilities enabled nurses to regularly maintain clinical records like partograph, case sheet, handing over register, referral register, birth register and IUCD register. 

7.      Inventory control was brought into practice to build up the stock of consumables and drugs required for the delivery load. Nurses were sensitized on inventory management which widened their knowledge and also empowered them to practice with ease.

8.      Simulation based training through PRONTO enhanced trainers’ and trainees’ confidence on clinical decision making, communication, team building and managing complications in the labour room. The timely and appropriate management of complications such as APH, PPH, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, preterm and birth asphyxia have reduced harm and lives of mothers and newborns. 

9.      Provided an opportunity to promote IUCD services in all the facilities and nurses acquired required competency in inserting IUCD.

10.   In few facilities, supply chain management of essential drugs and consumables was strengthened to facilitate uninterrupted services.

11.   The Learning Management System (LMS) ensured the effective monitoring of the training program and also enabled us to review and retrieve the training status of the participants as required.       

Partners: CARE India

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